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Where we’re blessed to be a blessing!

Blessed Financials Consulting and Coaching is here to be a blessing! The truth of the matter is unless you have liquid assets (cash), you will at some point in your life need to utilize credit—which is directly tied to your credit score. Had I listened to what my mother attempted so many times to teach me, perhaps I would not have ruined my credit in my early adulthood. But, in that failure, I learned so much, and I want to bless you with that!

I understand on a personal level what it is to be defeated in the area of finances and credit. I understand what it is to feel as if it’s impossible to ever have a good credit score. I know what’s it’s like to spend hundreds of dollars and see no change, or end up right back where I started. Whether it’s due to lack of financial knowledge and literacy, or irresponsibility, I’m here to help you start afresh!

First, I want to be realistic with you. This process is proven and can and WILL work. Your credit score will improve. ONLY if you work within the perimeters of the process and remain committed and consistent. You must mail the letters timely. You must get them notarized. You must take ownership. You must communicate and keep all documentation.

You must be wholly committed to not falling back into the ways and mindset that placed you in this position. If not, the results will not be lasting for you. And I don’t want you to stay in the cycle. I want your credit score become and remain amazing. I want to hear the testimony of that. Whether it be business loans and/or approval for mortgages, it can be done. You can be financially sound and REMAIN that way by applying the principles that you will learn.

I will hold you accountable, because your future depends on what you do NOW. You’ve got dreams and visions for your life and your family. But it’s going to have to start with you making an unwavering commitment. Once we get those scores up, we get credit with knowledge and use it responsibly. We start to build legacy and inheritance for our children. Because even our ability to do so is tied to our credit scores. And most importantly, we teach our children what we learned! I’m committed to you being empowered and financially free. I have so much confidence in this program. So much that if you follow the plan, and don’t get results, I will work for FREE until you do! It’s all about seeing people educated, empowered, and winning. I’m here to serve you in becoming the “best financial you” you have ever been! The question is—are you?


Let’s Do This! Let’s Work!


L. Martin

CEO and Founder of Lanitta Martin's Blessed Financials Consulting and Coaching, LLC.