Lanitta Martin's Blessed Financials Consulting and Coaching

Where we're blessed to be a BLESSING.

Blessed Financials Consulting and Coaching, LLC. is here to be a blessing! The truth of the matter is unless you have liquid assets (cash), you will at some point in your life need to utilize credit—which is directly tied to your credit score. Had I listened to what my mother attempted so many times to teach me, perhaps I would not have ruined my credit in my early adulthood. But, in that failure, I learned so much, and I want to bless you with that!

I understand on a personal level what it is to be defeated in the area of finances and credit. I understand what it is to feel as if it’s impossible to ever have a good credit score. I know what’s it’s like to spend hundreds of dollars and see no change, or end up right back where you started. Whether it’s due to lack of financial knowledge and literacy, or irresponsibility, I’m here to help you start afresh!

Our Mission

Our mission at Blessed Financials Consulting and Coaching, LLC. is simple - to serve our community in a myriad of ways. We desire to provide credit restoration through mentoring, education, and application of the Fair Debt Collections Act Laws. We desire to empower consumers with financial education to produce financially strong and sound families—by first creating financially literate parents thus breaking the cycle of generation poverty by teaching wealth and legacy building skills and tools.

About the CEO & Founder of Blessed Financials Consulting and Coaching

For those who don't know me, I'm Lanitta Martin. I am a board certified credit consultant through Credit Consultants of America. I take this, my calling, very seriously. I understand that making a choice in whom to allow to repair your credit is very difficult. With the revolution of social media and the internet, it can be difficult to separate what's real and what's not.

For those who have struggled with bad credit, I can definitely relate to the struggle because I lived in the struggle FOR SO LONG--TOO LONG. At one time in my life, I had accepted that I would never have good credit, and I would have to coast through life with my husband being my lifetime co-signer. WHAT A LIE!

How did I debunk the lie? By becoming my FIRST CLIENT. After successfully restoring my credit, removing my Chapter 7 bankruptcy and over 10 collections, I was determined to do this for others on a greater scale. I knew it was important to invest in education. Through continued mentoring with Arnita Johnson-Hall, one of the most successful credit repair businesses run by an African-American woman in the U.S., I am vested in equipping each client not only with an amazing credit score, but more importantly financial literacy.

Thanks for entrusting me to come alongside you in the journey of restored and redeemed credit.


Let's work!


Be Blessed. Abundantly Blessed.

Lanitta L. Martin

CEO & Founder of Blessed Financials Consulting and Coaching, LLC.